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Manufacturers, suppliers and installers may register energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services to be eligible for RoSEFF financing.
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Suppliers - register and upload products

Although RoSEFF is now closed, the database of 'green' technologies is being expanded and refined for future use.  Suppliers of green technologies may submit information about themselves and their products through links on the home page this site.

Register as a RoSEFF supplier - IT'S FREE!

  •  advertise your products and services...
  • ... to buyers who are interested in EXACTLY what you supply!

Your company may:

  • Register on the List of Equipment Suppliers and Installers (LESI)
  • and list your products on the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment (LEME)

For an easier registration, read the Application guide for supplier/installer.

Why register on the L ESI? 


Your message will reach a precisely targeted market of companies who want the exact technology that you sell or install.  Buyers generate a Certificate of Eligiblity (AVIZ LEME) using this site - and each includes a list of suppliers and installers for that specific technology.

Note that use of a supplier or installer who appears on the LESI is not a condition of RoSEFF financing.  Borrowers are free to choose any company who sells the product or is qualified to do the work. LESI is simply a way of matching buyers and the sellers.    


Who may register on th e LESI? 


Manufacturers, suppliers and certified installers of equipment that is eligible to appear on the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment (LEME) may appear on the List of Equipment Suppliers and Installers (LESI):

 Suppliers, who may be 

  • companies who specialise in selling eligible equipment; and 
  • manufacturers or manufacturer-authorised suppliers of a specific brand 
 Installers, who must demonstrate that they have: 
  • staff that are qualified for installing equipment in accordance with Romanian legislation;
  • necessary registrations and licences to perform the services;
  • adequate insurance;
  • the capacity to maintain installed equipment where necessary; and
  • adequate resources and the ability to implement projects of a good quality on schedule and budget.

What kind of equipment may I register on the LEME? 


Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies that are eligible to be financed using RoSEFF must meet defined performance characteristics.   





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