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for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Manufacturers, suppliers and installers may register energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services to be eligible for RoSEFF financing.
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Tractabel Engineering

List of Eligible Measures and Equipment (LEME)

Fast-track procedure to finance small and simple investments of up to 250,000 Euro

  • You may apply, online, for financing today
  • RoSEFF can also help to finance much larger investments – but another procedure is used

EU grants may be 10% or 15% of eligible costs

  • 10% if only one measure from the LEME (e.g. lighting);
  • 15% for multiple measures from the LEME (e.g. lighting and a boiler)

A wide range of equipment is listed on the LEME – e.g.

  • Electrical equipment
    • Electric motors with VSDs, VSDs, electric appliances, Energy Management Systems
  • Lighting
    • LED lighting; 'A' rated lighting; and no-energy lighting systems
  • Machines - compressors, tractors, agricultural equipment
  • Renewables
    • Solar hot water systems
    • Biomass boilers (wood pellets, sawdust, briquettes, agricultural waste)
    • Biogas systems and biogas/biofuel-fired boilers
    • (Hydro use the RoSEFF procedure for complex investments - not LEME)
  • Building renovation
    • Insulation - polystyrene sheets, sandwich panels and insulating board
    • Windows and doors – 'termopan' glazing and specialist industrial doors.
  • Heat pumps - ground source heat pumps and turnkey systems
  • Boilers, burners, heaters – high efficiency gas boilers, burners, infra-red gas heaters
  • Cogeneration - Small systems are on LEME. (Large systems use the complex procedure)

Eligible costs include related equipment and labour costs for some technologies – e.g.

  • Flat roof/terrace insulation – related hydro insulation and labour costs are eligible
  • Solar hot water systems – the entire system is eligible – not just the solar panels
  • Labour costs are capped as a percentage of the equipment costs

An AVIZ LEME (Certificate of Technical Eligibility) may be generated for each eligible item

  • Details eligible equipment costs, eligible labour costs, step-by-step procedures and more
  • A sample AVIZ LEME for each type of equipment may be viewed online
  • A personalised AVIZ LEME is issued by email when you apply for financing online

Some types of equipment are 'generically eligible' – even if the specific brand is not on LEME

  • e.g. all 15cm (or more) wall insulation; all 'A rated' and LED lamps; all condensing gas boilers
  • You may generate a 'Generic AVIZ LEME' for these categories of equipment

For other types of equipment, only specifically named brands/models are eligible

  • e.g. named 10cm wall insulation materials that meet clearly defined thermal resistance rules

LEME is an open list… and listing eligible products on it is FREE!

  • Any product that meets technical eligibility criteria published at may be added
  • You may either upload products through this site, or contact the Help Desk for support.