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Manufacturers, suppliers and installers may register energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services to be eligible for RoSEFF financing.
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Welcome to the RoSEFF Eligibility page, where you can discover:
What kind of investments may be financed using RoSEFF?

 1. Small and simple energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by SMEs

  • in technologies on the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment
  • RoSEFF credits of up to 250,000 Euro are available

2. Large and complex energy efficiency investments of any size by SMEs

  • Energy efficiency improvements in industry
  • RoSEFF credits of up to 1 million EUR are available

3. Renewable energy in vestments by SMEs

  • RoSEFF credits of up to 1 million EUR are available

4. Energy efficiency and renewab le energy in buildings by SMEs and Housing Associations

  • RoSEFF credits of up to 1 million EUR are available.

5. Business expansi on loans for SMEs

  • for manufacturers, suppliers and installers of sustainable energy products and services
  • RoSEFF credits of up to 1 million Euro are available 

What kind of borrowers may use RoSEFF?


The most important criterion is that borrowers must be creditworthy. It is necessary to meet the lending requirements of a Participating Financial Institution to be able to use RoSEFF.

  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs) – who are defined according to the EU definition (fewer than 250 staff; maximum annual turnover or 50 MEUR or maximum annual balance sheet total of 43 MEUR) – may use RoSEFF.
  • Private sector Housing Associations (block associations) may use RoSEFF. If 25% or more of the capital or voting rights are controlled by public bodies, a housing association is not considered to be private.
  • ESCOS - Energy Service Companies may use RoSEFF if the energy end-user satisfies the SME definition.

What are the maximum RoSEFF credit and EU grant sizes?

  • RoSEFF credits of up to 1 million EUR are possible towards the cost of investments of any size.
  • EU grants of up to 15% of eligible, disbursed investment costs, up to a maximum of 150,000 EUR per borrower. The size of the EU grant varies according to the investment – for more details please see EU GRANTS
  • Higher-value RoSEFF credits may be possible with case-by-case approval from EBRD, but no company may receive more than 150,000 EUR in EU grants from RoSEFF.
  • RoSEFF credits of up to 250,000 EUR are possible for small-scale and simple investments selected from the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment (LEME). It is possible for the same company to carry take multiple credits for small-scale and simple investments, up to a maximum of 1 million Euro.

What types of investments may not be financed using RoSEFF?

  • Investments in new buildings that are already subject to energy efficiency standards set at country level;
  • Investments supporting production of bio-fuels for transport;
  • Investments in sectors listed in the EBRD's environmental and social exclusion list
  • Financing of land purchase
  • Real estate activities that imply a buy and sell activity with the aim of making profit in the short or medium term.
  • Activities on the EBRD’s Environmental and Social Exclusion and Referral List

How does RoSEFF treat V.A.T.?

  • RoSEF sub-loans are not normally used to pay V.A.T.
  • If financing for V.A.T. is included in a sub-loan, the EU Grant is calculated on the cost of the investment excluding V.A.T 

Is leasing possible using RoSEFF?

  • Leasing by an affiliated leasing company of a Participating Financial Institution may be possible using RoSEFF.
  • So far, only Banca Transilvania has set up a RoSEFF leasing facility, through BT Leasing.

What kinds of financing may be combined with RoSEFF?

  • The only restriction on financing is that the same investment may not benefit from more than one EU grant – so, for example, a grant from RoSEFF and a grant from structural funds is not possible.
  • Sub-borrowers are required to sign a written declaration confirm that non other EU grant has been applied for or received for the same investment before receiving free technical from RoSEFF or entering into any negotiations for a RoSEFF sub-loan with a Participating Financial Institution.
  • Please note that the restriction applies only to receipt of an EU grant for the same investment. The same sub-borrower may receive both RoSEFF and other EU grants – but not for the same investment.
You will also find the basic RoSEFF Eligibility Rules

RoSEFF eligibility rules for small and simple investments

  • Items on the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment are automatically eligible to be financed using RoSEFF.  Simply choose what you would like to buy and apply online for a RoSEFF credit of up to 250,000 EUR.
  • If a small investment is complex, investors may request an EU financed (free) technical study from Tractebel Engineering rather than using the ‘small and simple’ route.
  • EU grants for small and simple investments are
    • 10% for a single energy efficiency measure or
    • 15% for multiple measures
    • It is possible for the same company to use the ‘small and simple’ facility more than once – up to a ceiling of 1 million EUR in cumulative credits and 150,000 EUR in cumulative EU grants.

RoSEFF eligibility rules for large and complex energy efficiency investments

  • Investments must meet minimum technical and economic eligibility criteria
    • Minimum Energy Savings Ratio (ESR)of 20% or CO2 savings of 20% as compared to existing facilities
    • An Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 10%
  • Capacity expansion of up to 100% is allowed.
    • Investments that raise production volume or operating capacity up to double the original volume or capacity may be financed using RoSEFF.
    • On an exceptional basis and with EBRD approval, RoSEFF may be used to partially finance an investment that more than doubles capacity, but RoSEFF funding may be used only up to the proportion of the investment that is equivalent to a doubling of capacity.
    • Specific energy savings are calculated (per unit of production or operating capacity, multiplied by the new production volume or operating capacity).

RoSEFF eligibility rules for renewable energy investments

  • Investments in hydro up to 10 MW; biomass heat and/or electricity; solar thermal; solar photovoltaic, geothermal heat pumps and biogas engines may be financed using RoSEFF, and receive EU grants of up to 15% (PV do not receive grant).
  • Hydro investments are subject to EBRD environmental compliance approval for hydro
  • Simple pay-back of renewable energy investments must be below 15 years
  • NPV of renewable energy investments must be positive (using an 8% discount rate)
  • Renewable electricity investments must generate at least 1.3 kWh per year per 1 EUR Investment Cost (meaning the average for all the renewable electricity generation investments financed using RoSEFF must meet this criterion) .
  • The energy generation capacity of investments on the supply side shall not exceed 50 Megawatts.

RoSEFF eligibility rules for buildings sector investments

  • Commercial, administrative and residential buildings that are subject to the provisions of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive must achieve an Energy Savings Ratio (ESR) of 30%. Tractebel Engineering will issue an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for buildings in this category to be financed using RoSEFF.
  • Other buildings, such as industrial buildings, must meet the same eligibility rules as other large scale and complex energy efficiency investments (see above – minimum 20% ESR or 20% CO2 savings, and minimum 10% IRR)
  • Examples of eligible buildings sub-projects include boiler replacement, micro-cogeneration, rehabilitation of heat substations, heat metering, individual heat control devices; Building Energy Management Systems; double-glazing; external walls, roofs, basement insulation; replacement heating systems; heat recovery from air ventilation system, economizers, replacement cooking, washing, drying appliances; replacement lighting and controls such as dimming, daylight sensors, presence sensors, algorithmic lighting, grouping of luminaires; free cooling, compressor replacement or rehabilitation; additional shading; frequency modulation of pumps, fans, drives and motors; variable air-volume air-conditioning systems; rolling doors; solar thermal collectors, biomass boilers, geothermal energy utilisation for heating and/or cooling with or without heat pump; surface water energy utilisation for heating and/or cooling with heat pump, solar heating and/or cooling.

RoSEFF eligibility rules for business expansion loans for energy efficiency suppliers

  • Loans for sustaining or expanding the eligible aspect of the business operations of manufacturers, suppliers or installers of energy efficiency may be financed using RoSEFF.
  • No incentive payments (EU grants) are attached to this kind of lending.
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This page is a summary of the full RoSEFF Eligibility Rules.
Still unsure whether you or your investment ideas are eligible?
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