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for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Manufacturers, suppliers and installers may register energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services to be eligible for RoSEFF financing.
Participating Financial Institutions
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LETTER OF ENGAGEMENT (for 'large or complex' investments only)

The model Letter of Engagement is a short document that  must be completed, signed and stamped by all companies who would like to finance a 'large or complex' energy efficiency or renewable energy investment using RoSEFF. 

Please submit the completed Letter of Engagement to


LEME DECLARATION (for 'small and simple' investments only)

The model LEME Declaration is a .doc version of the .pdf declaration that appears on the Certificiate of Technical Eligibility (AVIZ LEME).  The document must be completed, signed and stamped by all companies who finance 'small and simple' energy efficiency or renewable energy investments using RoSEFF.

Please submit the completed LEME Declaration to



This first newsletter illustrates the wide range of sectors, technologies, credit values and types of investment that may be financed using RoSEFF, using both the fast procedure for 'large or complex investments' and the very fast procedure for 'small and simple' procedure.  Eight investments are highlighted (two for each partner bank),

 The second newsletter focuses on technologies that can be financed using the 'fast track' procedure for small-scale investments selected from the RoSEFF list of Eligible Measures and Equiment (LEME)

  • Small scale investments - with a a technical eligibility certificate in only 10 minutes (Romanian)



Case studies describing some of the investments financed using RoSEFF are published below - and additional case studies will be added from time-to-time. 

As Tractebel Engineering is also Project Consultant for the EU EBRD Energy Efficiency Finance Facility (EEFF), we also present a selection of investments by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises that were financed using EEFF.

We also publish occasional newsheets with typical sustainable energy solutions for defined sectors, supported by 'real life' cases financed using RoSEFF.

  • ... for the agricultural sector
  • ... for the food processing sector
  • ... for the plastic sector
  • ... for the wood processing sector
  • ... for the metalurgical sector
  • ... for the renewable energy sector
  • ... and a general newsheet for a range of technologies and sectors

A wider selection draws examples from both the RoSEFF and the EEFF:

  • Fantastic Plastic! - Energy-efficient solutions for the plastic sector
  • Chop Down Bills - Grow the Economy - Sustainable energy solutions for the agriculture, forestry and wood processing sectors and another for just the agricultural sector.
  • Machines that Eat Energy and Drink Fuel? - Energy efficiency solutions for the food and drinks sectors.
  • Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer - Energy efficiency solutions for buildings
  • Energy efficient production - Machines, equipment, production lines
  • Hot solutions!  Energy Efficiency in the metal industry
  • Packaged energy efficiency - solutions for the packaging, paper and printing industries
  • Regenerate the economy - examples of renewable energy investments


RoSEFF Leaflet 

A two-page .pdf with with key facts about the EU EBRD Romania SME Sustainable Energy Finance Facility



This training course, which is available in Romanian and English languages, is designed to help financial decision-makers from companies and bankers to identify, understand and finance energy efficiency and renewable energy investment opportunities.  There are five modules: 

1. Why Sustainable Energy?
2. Typical Energy Efficiency Investments
3. Typical Renewable Energy Investments
4. Economics of Sustainable Energy
5. Subsidies for Sustainable Energy
    • What is Energy Efficiency? What is Renewable Energy?
    • Why banks and their clients need to understand sustainable energy
    • Industry – Machines/Production – Combustion – Cooling – Processes
    • Buildings – Energy Management Systems – CHP – Heat Pumps
    • Renewable Heat: Solar – Biomass – Biogas – Biofuels – Geothermal
    • Renewable Electricity: Wind – PV – Hydro – Bio – RES-E Economics
    • Cash Flow – DCF – NPV – Payback – IRR Sensitivity Analysis
    • Balance Sheet Financing – Project Financing – Third Party Financing
    • Green Certificates – White Certificates – EU ETS – Structural Funds
    • Cogeneration Bonus – Casa Verde – EEFF and RoSEFF
The training course is a large file, so low resolution versions (English, Romanian) are available for slow internet connections. 

Supporting documents for branch staff of Participating Financial Institutions (Romanian language)

 Training presentations for PFIs (Romanian language)


Professional association and suppliers of energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services who display a RoSEFF banner on their websites may be promoted on the links page here at

An example appears below - but we have many images to choose from, focusing on:

  • Technologies - LED, boilers, renewables, cogeneraton, solar hot water systems; 
  • Sectors - food (see example below), metals, plastic, textiles, printing)
  • General - SMEs, renewables, building renovation, production lines, machines


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