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Tractabel Engineering

EU EBRD Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards 2015


The EU EBRD Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards at the Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest on 18th March recognised investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, carried out through RoSEFF and the other EU/EBRD facilities, EEFF and MFFEE.

The Awards event was opened by Daniela Scripcariu, CEO of Tractebel Engineering; the Keynote Address was made by James Hyslop, Director of EBRD Romania; Stefania Racolţa-Cruceru from EBRD London presented EBRD's Sustainable Energy Initiative; and the MC for the evening was Andi Moisescu.



The winners of the EU-EBRD Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards 2015 were:

Click the images below to see 30-second movies about the winning investments

1.  The Green Award for energy efficiency in agriculture - Comcereal of Focşani, Vrancea (EEFF and ROSEFF).


2.  The Bright Ideas Award for intelligent investments in sustainable energy - Alex Star of Curtea de Argeş (RoSEFF)


3.  The Tasty Investment Award for sustainable energy investment in the food and drink sector went to Agropan Impex of Iaşi (EEFF)


4.  The Heavy Metal Award for sustainable energy investment in the heavy industry and metallurgy sectors - STC Invest of Hereclean, Sălaj (RoSEFF).


5.  The Movers and Shakers Award for investment in energy-efficient lifting, handling and mixing equipment - Auto Europa of Râmnicu Vâlcea (EEFF)


6.  The Fantastic Plastic Award for sustainable energy investment in the plastic sector was won by Electroargeş of Curtea de Argeş (EEFF)


7.  Producers' Awards for sustainable energy by industrial production companies were awarded to two companies: Corom Export of Dăeşti, Vâlcea (RoSEFF) şi Norada of Odorheiu-Secuesc, Harghita (EEFF)


8.  The Renewable Energy Award was won by Diaplast Production of Mărăcineni, Argeş (EEFF)


9.  Three Trail Blazer Awards were given for leading the way by investing in sustainable energy:

Luxten Lighting and the City of Bucharest (MFFEE);

Palrom Products of Brad, Hunedoara (RoSEFF)

Welthaus of Zalău, Sălaj (RoSEFF)

10.  The Leadership Award for sustainable energy investment by a company led by a woman was awarded to Mariana Turcin, Administrator of Spicul Turcin of Păuliş, Arad (RoSEFF) and accepted on her behalf by BRD Groupe Société Générale.


11.  Two Special Awards for extraordinary investments in Sustainable Energy were awarded to: OMV Petrom Marketing (EEFF) and Romwelle PM of Drobeta-Turn Severin, Mehedinţi (RoSEFF)


12.  EBRD also awarded Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards to all seven of its partner banks in RoSEFF, EEFF and MFFEE, in recognition of their work in bringing sustainable energy financing opportunities to their customers.

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